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Back to Basics Apple Corer/Slicer Review October 21, 2011

Filed under: Reviews — Leah @ 11:05 pm

I was given SO many apples this year!! I made batches of apple butter, apple jelly, apple pie filling and applesauce…..but I still had buckets of apples left!! My husband mentioned how much he loved dehydrated apples as a kid, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

Because the apples I had were not from the store, but rather from someones backyard, they were much smaller than you would find in the supermarket. I started using by peeling my batch of apples with a hand peeler (same one I use on carrots and potatoes and such!) Then I used my corer on them. The problem I found was that the corer I had left my apple in wedges, wedges to thick to use in a dehydrator. They need to be thin slices.

After looking at a video on youtube on dehydrating apples, I found the most wonderful tool! A Back to Basics Apple Corer/Slicer. The lady in the video said she had had hers for over 20 years!! I just knew it was going to be expensive as it was made out of cast iron! Much to my surprise, they are only around $20 on ebay or amazon! I ordered mine on ebay and it came in the mail today!! What a wonderful investment, and oh how much time it will save!! Here are some pictures of how quickly my apple dehydrating process went!

This little tool made the whole process incredibly easy! I am so glad I took the plunge and spent the $20! It has a suction bottom that attaches firmly to the countertop and removes just as easily. It also cleaned up incredibly easy! And best of all, it matches the bright red theme I have going in my kitchen! Wasn’t planned, but definitely an added bonus!